NixOS4Noobs is a tutorial which teaches you how to use NixOS. However, this isn't like most tutorials which teaches you everything, it instead just tries to teach a few things which you're very likely to encounter.

Who this tutorial is for

Due to the large scale of NixOS and how it can be configured and set up, NixOS4Noobs will only focus on a configuration-based system. This is where your entire operating system is controlled using the configuration.nix file and nothing else.

This tutorial targets the following users:

  • Users of a device which only they will access (not a device for multiple users)
  • Users that want to control NixOS using just the configuration file
  • Users that want everything installed system-wide

This tutorial is not for the following users:

  • Those who use a device with a need for multiple users (e.g. a family)
  • Users that want a clear separation between system-wide and local programs and services

Why use a configuration-based system?

Having a configuration based system has various advantages, namely:

  • It's easy to configure - everything is in one location
  • If something goes wrong, it's easy to pinpoint where the problem is (e.g. some dodgy installation)
  • It's a reproducible setup (If you want to replicate a system on another device, just copy the configuration and it'll set it all up exactly as you want it to)